When being an empath sucks…

wonderful, and so true. Very well written article that anyone who is or knows an empath should



I like to consider myself to be an empath. I am not just extremely sensitive to the feelings of those around me I physically feel people’s joys, concerns, and pains. I genuinely am thankful for and appreciate the fact that I am an empath and feel that it will help me make a difference in this world. However, I have come to find out that being an empath can be a double-edged sword. Over the past few months I have discovered what I feel is my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness.

From the reading I’ve been doing I am not the first empath to fall for a narcissist (aka life/energy sucking ego maniac) and I know I wont be the last. Opposites certainly attract and empaths and narcissists are certainly opposites at complete different sides of the spectrum.

Narcissists are very wounded people with an even more wounded self-esteem. Not to psychologize this and blame the mother but…The literature…

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